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Latest News & Events

Sisunena Pubuduwa to Lankapura
For the purpose of developing a reading habit of Children in Pulasthigama, Lankapura, Polonnaruwa a reading centre under Sisunena Pubuduwa, implemented as social development progra...
Workshop in connection with the completion of the provisions of accessibility for persons with Disabilities before 16-10-2014 Southern Province (Galle & Matara Districts) - 10.07.2014
An awarness programme on importance of constructing the accessibility facilities to the persons with disabilities and provisions of such facilities for the buildings where do not h...


A Special Message for the Information Of the General Public of Sri Lanka
By this notice we wish to bring to the kind attention of the general public to the following facts as published in the Government Gazette  Extraordinary  No. 1619/24 of 18.09.2009, which is an amendment to Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 1467/15 of 17.10.2006, pertaining to the provision of accessibility facilities to persons with disabilities. All new  buildings that are being constructed should contain accessibility facilities for persons with disabilities,  while all public  buil...

Mahinda Chinthana

Mahinda Chinthana
Future Vision

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Hon. Minister's Message

Hon. Felix Perera 
Minister of Social Services


Hon. Deputy Minister's Message

Hon. Chandrasiri Sooriyaarachchi,
Dep. Minister of Social Services

Secretary's Message

Mrs. Emelda Sukumar

Secretary of the Ministry of Social Services


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