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Latest News & Events

Sisunena Pubuduwa Programme to improve thinking ability
As the starting programme of year 2015, the above programme was held at Hakuruwela village of Agunukola pelassa Divisional Secretariat in Hambanthota District on 31.10.2015 and 01....
Workshop on application of Social Care Concept
As a further step of introducing Social Care Concept at Divisional Level, a two day workshop was held for the field staff of Rajanganaya, Thalawa, Thambuttegama, Nuwaragampalatha c...


A Special Message for the Information Of the General Public of Sri Lanka
By this notice we wish to bring to the kind attention of the general public to the following facts as published in the Government Gazette  Extraordinary  No. 1619/24 of 18.09.2009, which is an amendment to Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 1467/15 of 17.10.2006, pertaining to the provision of accessibility facilities to persons with disabilities. All new  buildings that are being constructed should contain accessibility facilities for persons with disabilities,  while all public  buil...

President of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Hon. Minister's Message

Hon. P. Harrison 
Minister of Social Services, Welfare & Livestock Development


Hon. Deputy Minister's Message

Hon. Ranjan Ramanayake,
Dep. Minister of Social Services,Welfare & Livestock Development

Secretary's Message

Mrs. D.K.R. Ekanayake

Secretary of the Ministry of Social Services, Welfare & Livestock Development


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