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National Council & National Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities


Implementation of Act No.28 1996 for promotion, advancement and protection of rights of persons with disabilities.

Functions and activities

His  Excellency the President has appointed members to the  National Council for Persons with disabilities in terms of the provisions of Act No 28 of 1996 for promotion, advancement, and protection of rights of persons with disabilities

Accordingly, decisions taken by this National Council on following matters are being implemented.

  • Promotion of welfare of the persons with disabilities.
  • Prevention and control of main causes of disability.
  • Maintenance of accurate statistics on persons with disabilities.
  • Taking action to rehabilitate persons with disabilities.
  • Monitoring of activities of institutions providing assistance to persons with disabilities.
  • Fulfillment of needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Formulation of programmes and policies, provision of guidance to prepare a proper` physical environment for persons with disabilities.
  • Enhancement of making aware of the public on needs and situation of persons with disabilities

Institutions involved in the Provision of services for the PWDS

  1. National Council for Persons with Disabilities
  2. National Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities
  3. Department of Social Services
  4. Provincial Social Service Departments
  5. Divisional Secretariats


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