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National Programme on Community Based Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities


Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities to enable them to enjoy their rights and perform responsibilities and create opportunities through social development programmes to integrate them into the society.



Persons with disabilities are also equal members of the society. They should be treated with equal social rights such as education, health, employment, vocational training, housing, accessibility, welfare and any other requirement within the existing structure. It is an internationally accepted right for co-existence.

Programme in 2012 was implemented within 331 divisional secretariats in 25 districts. Attention of this years programme was drawn mainly for implementation of National Policy on Disability in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, core group  officers attached to the Divisional Secretariats were made aware and subsequently this theme was introduced to all the field officers and community. Persons with disabilities were made aware on the importance of gathering in order to participate them when making decisions .Action was taken for grouping parents on behalf of their children with disabilities. As a result of this success of the C B R, programme was increased. Moreover equipments, accessibility, sanitary facilities were also provided for them.


The mechanism for implementing national policy on disability in Sri Lanka is the CBR programme. Rs. 7.69 million has been provided for the programme for the year 2012.



  • Updating of national monitoring committees which consists of Ministries and NGOs.
  • Initial activities for formulation of 5 year programme for CBR Programme as per decisions taken at the National Monitoring Committee.
  • Conducting of district committees with the leadership of all DS to update the National Policy on Disability.
  • Conducting of workshops for Social Service Officers, Social Development Assistants, and Child Rights Promotional Officers on reporting, making notes and CBR innovative.
  • Conducting inclusive workshops for field officers at divisional level.
  • Conducting of job markets for persons with disabilities in  Attanagalla and  Kelaniya area with the cooperation of Chamber of Commerce and business community.
  • Conducting of workshops for rural leaders at divisional secretariat level
  • Setting up of self-help organizations comprising of persons with disabilities and empowerment of them in 18 District.
  • Establishment of parents’ organization of persons with disabilities and awareness programmes.
  • Conducting of training workshops for volunteers
  • Conducting of field training workshops for Provincial Officers for  Monthly progress reports and progress review process.
  • Home based rehabilitation activities for identified PwDs.
  • Provision of accessibility, sanitary and other facilities for PwDs.
  • Conducting of 05 days workshop on CBR programme and Human Rights for parents and volunteers in Udunuwara, Welimada, Mahakumbukkadawala, Kandawali and Pottuwill   Divisional Secretariats.



Draft of CBR Five Year Action Plan


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