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Social Care Center Project


Creating a Caring Society


To provide a comprehensive and coordinated social welfare package to the service users who come to the Social Care Centre/Unit to obtain services.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Social Care Project on principle at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers held on 14/12/2005 and decided to establish Social Care Centres in all Divisional Secretary Divisions if the project is a success.

The objective of establishing Social Care Centres is to provide an integrated Social Care package to the service users in a user friendly environment. This is a well thought model for comprehensive service delivery. It helps to identify the issues of most vulnerables in the development process while providing them the necessities. Thus, Social Care Centres act as a safety net to the most vulnerable society.

The programme is a joint venture implemented by Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs and Provincial Councils. The following officers attached to the centre.

  • Social Services Officer (Central Govt./Provincial)
  • Counselling Assistants
  • Elders Rights Promotion Officer
  • Social Development Assistant
  • Women’s Development Officer
  • Child Rights Promotion Officer
  • Early Childhood Development Officer
  • Relief Sister

In addition, the Divisional Secretariats get the service of Probation Officers and non Govt. officers also while delivering the services through Social Care Centres. By now other field officers also are being attached to most of the centres.

At the end of 2011, 89 Social Care Centres/Units have been established and during 2012 the project was further expanded to cover 08 Divisional Secretary Divisions in Kandy and rest of the divisions in Badulla. From 2009 onwards this family based Social Care Concept has being implemented by officers instead of the interpersonal service deliveries, Continuous training on knowledge and skill development of officers is done by the Ministry.


Progress– 2012


Government Contribution – Rs. 2.73 Mn


Skill Development Program

A two day residential program was conducted to all field officers in 03 D/S Divisions in Kalutara District. (Madurawala, Milleniya and Bandaragama) 20 officers participated and expenditure incurred was Rs.73,270/-. Social Care Concept and its new intervention techniques and practical sessions were included in this program.


Establishment of Social Care Centre

Rs.455,000/- was released to District Secretary, Kandy to establish 05 Social Care Units. Money distribution is as follows.

Divisional Secretariat

Allocation (Rs.)


Pasbage Korale












Gangawata Korale



Rs.1.552 Mn has been released to 13 Social Care Centres in Western and Southern Province for the administrative and maintenance expenses.


UNICEF Contribution – Rs.13.612 Mn

By end of the September, Rs.9.359 Mn was received, and out of this, Rs.2.769 Mn was allocated for the Social Care program.


Sensitizing of Supervisors

A sensitizing workshop was held for Divisional Secretaries in Moneragala District. They were made aware of Social Care Concept, its objectives and the new implementing techniques at this meeting. 33 officers including SSOs were participated. Total expenditure Rs.31,045/-.


Progress Review Meetings

  • Progress Review Meeting for Psychosocial Officers

03 Progress Review Meetings were held in Nuwara Eliya, Mullaitivu and Killinochchi Districts for UNICEF assisted Psychosocial Officers who attached to the above districts. Progress made by them so far and various assistance provided to the needy were discussed at these meetings. Total expenditure Rs.31,308/-.

  • Progress Review and follow up meetings (Social Care)

03 Progress Review Meetings were held in Moneragala and Badulla Districts. No. of officers participated were 60, 74 and 90 respectively. The progress made, achievements and best practices were discussed at these meetings. Total expenditure was Rs.243,452/-.


Guidelines for selection of beneficiaries in order to provide livelihood assistance

The Ministry of Social Services in collaboration with UNICEF finalized the guidelines incorporating the selection criteria for family support at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo. Officials of the Ministry of Social Services, Provincial Directors of Social Services, Probation Commissioners, Social Services Officers participated. No. of participants 33. Total expenditure Rs.88,726/-. A handbook is ready to print including these guidelines.

Skill Development Program

A skill development program was conducted to train field staff in 05 divisions (Badulla, Bandarawela, Lunugala, Welimada and Ella) in Badulla District. The sessions on team building, social work, case management, case conferences, family group conferences, reporting and counseling were held at the workshop. No. of participants 30. Expenditure incurred rs.87,120/-.

Income Generating Support to Vulnerable Families

Rs.575,000/- were distributed among 23 families in Chavakachcheri D/S Division under this programme. 65 children were benefitted from this program.

Establishment of Social Care Centres

Money has been released to the following D/S divisions in Moneragala and Badulla Districts to establish Social Care Units.



D/S Division

Amount (Rs.)















Uva Paranagama



The final objective of all the training programmes is to deliver quality service to the service user at village level. The officers as a team could offer better service based on family concept.

Through coordinated services, the officers of various Government Departments could be able to identify the issues, weaknesses and waste of Government funds etc. and to deliver their services efficiently and effectively to the most vulnerables in the society. The success of this programme at DS level is reported at follow up meetings and workshops.


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