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Planning Division


The objective of the Planning & monitoring division is to prepare development plans & programmes in consultation with the relevant stakeholders such as government departments, institutions, donors, NGOs and Community Based Organizations in accordance with the government policies and priorities. Collection of relevant data & information in relation to the social sector is also a responsibility of this division.


Functions of the Planning Division

The following specific functions are performed by the Planning and Monitoring Division of the Ministry;

  • Formulation of policies relevant to the subject area of the Ministry in consultation with relevant stakeholders. -  “Family Policy for Sri Lanka” is under preparation during 2012.
  • Preparation of Annual Action Plan for the Ministry in line with the Government priorities and Mid Term Budgetary Provisions. - Action Plan for the Ministry for 2013 prepared in 2012 and revised the Action Plan 2012.
  • Preparation of quarterly progress reports against the annual action plan of the Ministry. – Three quarterly reports prepared in 2012
  • Monitoring of projects and programmes implemented by the Ministry in accordance with the annual action plan.  - The ongoing projects were monitored through field visits.
  • Preparation of a performance report of the Ministry in order to submit to the parliament. The performance report for 2012 with the progress up to 3rd quarter has been prepared.
  • Preparation of annual performance report of the Ministry. Annual Performance Report 2011 was prepared in 2012.
  • Preparation and Implementation of the Action plan relevant to SAARC Social Charter
  • Preparation of reports required by various authorities in relation to the social sector.
  • Preparation of new project proposals for the improvement of social well being of the vulnerable group for the community in line with the government priorities. A proposal support to the Elders over 70 years and to provide vocational training to the disable persons was prepared in 2012 and submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Planning seeking funding from World Bank.
  • To Participate at discussions and seminars conducted with world Bank, UNICEF, UNPFA, WFP, WHO, UNV and UNDP


Special Activities

In addition to the above the following activities were also successfully completed by the planning division during 2012.

“Samaja Sewa Puwath” Quarterly News Letter

A Quarterly newsletter titled “Samaja Sewa Puwath” is also published by this division.  The newsletter provided information on development activities carried out and services provided by the functional divisions of the Ministry.  Further it provides the progress of activities as per the action plan. The news letter reflects activities, special social events of the functional wings of the Ministry, articles relevant to Social Services. It is distributed among other line Ministries, Institutions and District Secretariats and Divisional secretariats. - Three news letters were published in 2012.  The latest news letter was published as special edition for launch of world report on disability.

Corporate Plan 2012-2016

A Corporate Plan for a period of 2012 to 2016 for the Ministry of Social Services was prepared by the Planning Division in 2012. It is the first comprehensive plan prepared by the Ministry. This plan has been prepared with the objectives of creating a conducive environment for the disadvantaged group of the community and to make them partners in the national development.

Re formulation of Family Policy for Sri Lanka

A policy document titled Family Policy was prepared in the year 2012 in order to give policy guidance to enhance the lives of disadvantaged group in the country. A cabinet memo along with this policy document has been submitted to the cabinet of Ministers on 15th Dec 2011. As per the observations of the Ministry of Finance Planning on the cabinet paper, a team headed by Prof. K.Karunathilake has been engaged for preparing the policy document. The Planning division coordinates the activities in this regard.



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