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Planning Division


The objective of the Planning & Monitoring Division of the Ministry is to prepare development plans & programmes in consultation with the relevant stakeholders such as Government Departments, Institutions, Donors, NGOs and Community Based Organizations in accordance with the government policies and priorities. Maintaining of relevant data & information in relation to the social sector is also the responsibility of this division.


Functions of the Planning Division

The following specific functions are performed by the Planning and Monitoring Division of the Ministry;

  • Formulation of policies relevant to the subject area of the Ministry in consultation with relevant stakeholders. -  “Family Policy for Sri Lanka” is under preparation during 2012/2015.
  • Preparation of Annual Action Plan for the Ministry in line with the Government priorities and Mid Term Budgetary Provisions.
  • Preparation of quarterly progress reports against the Annual Action Plan
  • Preparation of Annual performance report of the Ministry
  • Preparation and monitoring the implementation of the Action plan relevant to SAARC Social Charter. Action Plan is being implemented
  • Reporting the progress of the activities assigned to the Ministry of Social Services under the implementation of Action Plan on Implementation of LLRC to the Presidential Secretariat.
  • Preparation of reports required by various authorities in relation to the social sector.
  • Preparation of new project proposals for the well being of the vulnerable group of the community in line with the government priorities.
  • Preparation of news letter with the information on services provided to the needy.
  • Follow up actions on decisions taken at the meetings with world Bank, UNICEF, UNPFA, WFP, WHO, UNV and UNDP




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