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Accounts Division


“ Our Mission is Active contribution through efficient and proper management of finance in terms of the instructions  laid down under the financial regulations provisions of the establishment code and instructions of the circulars and proper direction of finance obtained on Annual estimates in order to implement  Development projects in accordance with the Public Policies.”

Main Objectives

Social Development and Monitoring of the Ministry of Social Services during the year as per provisions laid down under F.R. 135.

  • Obtaining of financial provisions.
  • Strengthening of Financial Management.
  • Proper and accurate Accounting of all transactions and furnishing of Accounts.
  • Supervision of all receipts.
  • Supervision and administration of Expenditure.
  • Expenditure review and submitting of the proposals.
  • Furnishing of final Accounts to the Department of Auditor General and the General Treasury and Co-ordination of its activities.

Accordingly particulars of the provisions obtained under Head No. 124 of the Ministry during the year 2013 are as follows.

Type of Expenditure Estimated Provisions Additional Provisions Total Provisions Total Expenditure up to 30 sep. 2013
Recurrent Expenditure 3,152,590,000/- 18,671,000/- 3,171,261,000/- 1,999,959,296/-
Capital Expenditure 333,670,000/- 27,300,000/- 362,970,000/- 128,053,389/-
Total Expenditure 3,488,260,000/- 45,971,000/- 3,534,231,000/- 2,128,012,685/-

Out of these total provision, about Rs.2,898M for recurrent expenditure and about Rs.10M for Capital expenditure have been released to Divisional Secretariats.


  • Proper Obtaining and management of cash imprest approved by the Development of Treasury Operations.The amount of cash imprest obtained up to September 2013 is as follows.






Advance B account


Foreign Funds (UNICEFF)


Total impress amount










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